Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are you Licensed to buy vehicles in New York?

A. Yes. We are a N.Y.S. DMV Licensed Business and we follow all State Guidelines for transferring vehicles that we buy.

Q. How will I be paid when I sell you my vehicle?

A. All vehicles that we purchase are paid CASH ON THE SPOT to you.

Q. Do I need the TITLE for a vehicle to sell it to you?

A. We can purchase any vehicles with or without a TITLE since we are New York State DMV Licensed.

Q. What if my TITLE shows a LIEN printed on the front?

A. We can still purchase your vehicle with a LIEN shown on the TITLE. You are still personally responsible for any loan(s) owed to any financial institutions.

Q. How can bring my vehicle to you?

A. We come to you and offer completely FREE TOWING for any vehicles that we purchase.

Q. What if my vehicle won’t Run or Drive?

A. We are willing to purchase vehicles in any condition whether or not it Runs or Drives.

Q. Do I receive proof that you purchased my vehicle.

A. Yes. We provide you with a legal “Bill of Sale” including all of the Sale details as well as our business information.

Q. Can you pickup the vehicle at a different location than where I live?

A. Yes. We can pickup your vehicle at any location as long as someone will be available and the person at the location agrees.

Q. Can you pickup an ABANDONED vehicle?

A. We can LEGALLY remove an abandoned vehicle from your property according to New York State Department of Motor Vehicles guidelines.

Q. Do you pickup vehicles that are NOT located in New York?

A. We don’t physically pickup vehicles outside of New York State but we work with companies in ALL 50 STATES and we can arrange a pickup anywhere.
For any other questions, contact us and we will be glad to answer them.