Cash for junk cars is exactly that, a program or service that purchases junk cars or other vehicles. If that sounds like a good deal it certainly is because these companies will pay you money to buy your dilapidated ride. Rather than let that eyesore sit on your garage you can just sell it and make some money, at the same time cleaning your  garage, driveway or yard.

How the System Works

As the name implies, cash for junk cars prioritize cars, but most of these services also accept other old and unwanted vehicles. Not only do they accept a wide range of vehicles but they also take in all types of makes and models, foreign and local and running or not.

The process of selling your junk car can vary depending on the service, but they generally follow the same process:

  1. Get a quote:          go online and look for one of these services, and when you find one, submit information about your vehicle and other details the website requires. Another option is to call the service over the phone and ask for a quote.
  2. Accept the offer: regardless of how you get in touch with the company, they will make an offer for your vehicle. If the offer is good, tell them that you accept their offer. Once you have accepted they will ask for further information to finalize the transaction.
  3. Your vehicle gets towed: after you have completed the transaction, the service will arrange for the towing of your car. You don’t have to bring your car to the center as they will provide a free tow for it, and once the service has obtained your vehicle you will receive the sum that was agreed upon.

Depending on the service, you may receive your check by mail, or you may pick it up from one of the service’s branches. In some instances the tow driver will give you the check immediately after picking your car. In any event you can call the company beforehand for the payment details.

Why Sell Your Junk Car?

Cash for junk cars are popular for obvious reasons; trying to maintain an old car is costly and more trouble than its worth. Second, the competition among these services