Where will we pick up your vehicle?

Enter the ZIP code where your vehicle will be parked when we come to get it. (This info helps us determine the offer amount.)

Do you own the vehicle?

Does your vehicle have a clean title?

Unless your vehicle has a history of extensive damage, it probably has a clean title. But it's easy to check. Look for a note or stamp on your title that says 'salvage' or 'rebuilt.'

Are all of the wheels and tires inflated and on your vehicle?

It’s no big deal either way, we just need to select the best tow truck to make the pickup.

Flat Tires

Missing Tires

Is the vehicles battery working and do you have a working key or fob?

We need to know if your vehicle will start. Having the key or a working fob and a working battery (without needing a jump) will get you a higher offer.

Can you start and drive your vehicle?

This tells us about your vehicles condition and also helps us decide the best tow truck to use for pickup.

What's under your hood?

Please indicate the condition of the engine and transmission in the vehicle. The engine and transmission are crucial components for the proper functioning of the car. Let us know if they are intact without any major issues or damages.

What's the mileage on your vehicle odometer?

We don’t need the exact number. You can round it off to the nearest thousand.

Does the interior of your vehicle have any missing parts or major damage?

We mean the seats, airbags and dashboard. Don't worry about any small scratches or spots. We just need to know if there are any major rips, tears or airbags deployed.

Has your vehicle ever been in a flood or fire?

Just let us know if the vehicle has been involved in any problems resulting in fire or water damage, inside or out.

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