Scrap My Car

Scrap My Car Article ImageHow can I Scrap My Car? Many companies will pay you money to buy that old car you’ve got in your driveway, and if it’s no longer running or costs too much to maintain, then you’re better off selling the whole thing. Your driveway will be free of that rusty eyesore, you don’t have to pay for expensive repairs, and you get paid to boot. If you have inquired about this service before you know how straightforward it can be, but if it’s your first time here’s an overview of what to expect.

An Overview Of Scrap My Car Services

Scrap cars companies usually accept all types of cars. Some of these companies are willing to accept other types of vehicles like motorcycles and vans, but most of the time their priorities are cars because their spare parts are always in high demand. If you’ve got another vehicle you want to sell besides your car, talk to them first.

With regards to the year and type, these companies accept just about everything, but you’re likely to make more money if your car dates from the 2000s than the 1990s or 1980s as the demand for spare parts for the 2000s is higher.

How Price Value Is Determined To Scrap My Car

The selling price of your car is determined by a lot of factors including: the make and model, the demand for the parts that are intact and can be sold, its condition and if the junkyard already has a surplus or needs those parts.

The type of parts that are most valuable for scrap cars for cash services vary, but the general rule is as long as the parts in your vehicle are salvageable, you can sell it. If your car comes from a reputable manufacturer and it’s not too badly damaged, then you can expect to get a good deal for it because junkyard services are always on the lookout for reliable parts.

Who Picks Up the Vehicle?

Any sensible scrap car service should offer tow service for free, as that’s one way to entice people to sell to them. If the company won’t offer a free tow service or even deduct it from your fee, look for another scrap yard service that will. Apart from a free tow, most of these companies also offer free price quotes, and it’s something you ought to consider as it will give you an idea of how much you can get for the car.  Speaking of payment, the amount is usually paid after the junkyard service has conducted the assessment and determined the value of your car. Different modes of payment are available but most of the time it’s by Cash.

Most scrap my car companies will require a title proving you are the owner of the car, but if this is not available you may present a Drivers License. However these are just general requirement guidelines and the junkyard service might require other supporting documents.